Welcome!!!  ^-^ !  Whether you are a QuickBASIC/QBasic programmer or an aspiring FreeBASIC one, you are sure to find some of my amazing programs that you must behold to experience!  I sure hope you enjoy them richly now, and I thank you here for stopping by!!  Alright, let’s download!!!  ;)

» FBgfx 16-button Joystick Press System
This is a very original program wrapper for FreeBASIC (FB) and Angelo Mottola’s GFXlib 2, in that it so easily gives you the most accurate and *direct* detection of the presses of all 16 joystick buttons (taking the mystery and worry right out of having to custom-program them yourself!), having the possible potential of supporting up to ALL 16 CONTROLLERS/GAMEPADS AT ONCE!!!  ^_- !  Quite useful for your game creation in FB!!

(NOTE: FreeBASIC v0.14b or newer version of FB is required in order for this wrapper to work in your programs!  Also, do consult the “FBgfxjbt.bi” file and my examples in this wrapper indeed for some good details on how to fully use it!!  ^_^ )

» Editable ASCII Font System
This brand-new program designed for FreeBASIC and Angelo Mottola’s GFXlib 2 lets you have a clear shot at editing an 8x8 ASCII-based font to *your own* liking, plus it even has some text optimization routines so you can blit your custom text even faster!!!  A great help in your games and projects here, you know?  The source-code included here will show you how to do all of that and more!!  :D !

(NOTE: FreeBASIC v0.14b or newer version of FB is required for this program!)

» The 8-Bit Palette Machine for Future.Library
Created for the QuickBASIC Caliber Programming Compo - Summer & Autumn 2003, this is THE ultimate palette manipulation for 8-bit modes using Future.Library, even SVGA ones, too!!!  ^_- !  For QuickBASIC 4.5 and 7.1 and requires the use of Future.Library (*recommended* version of this is v3.5!).

» RelLib v5.0a Undocumented
This one was also created for the QuickBASIC Caliber Programming Compo - Summer & Autumn 2003 and guess what?  It is already one of the biggest and most amazing versions of RelLib yet!!!   77 of my all-original new routines were added, including scanlines, ellipses, FASTEST built-in joystick routines, image saving in over 12 different formats such as .BMP, .GIF, .TIF, .TGA, and .RAS to name a small handful, and TONS MORE!!!  My, you gotta try this one out!!  ^_^=b !!  A combined effort of myself and Richard Eric M. Lope (Relsoft), and this library is for QuickBASIC 4.5 ONLY.

» Real-Time Star Routines v2.0
Here it comes, as this is the *hottest* set of 2D star routines ever made in QuickBASIC 4.5!  It’s got it all: colors, translucency, speed, and the ability to move your stars in any diagonal direction you wish!!  Plus now, the stars are even color-animated within ANY 16-color spread (past color 15), too!!!  With all of that and more, you do not want to even miss this download!!  ^_^ !!  Requires RelLib and QuickBASIC 4.5 ONLY in order for this one to work in your programs.

» Extend Bonus Routines v1.01
Remember the fine ‘ol days in the arcades when you’ve used to get extra lives upon scoring a certain amount of points?  Well, they’re back, and BETTER THAN EVER with these routines!!!  Give ‘em a try!  ;D !

» AAP/GPL — AAP GamePad Library
This is the first-ever *FASTEST* game pad library being presented to you for QuickBASIC 4.5 and 7.1.  Features full support for gamepads and joysticks, including additional support for both four (4) buttons and even analogue controllers, too!!  Grab this one if you want the purest possible console/arcade-quality gaming edge in your program creations in QB!!!  ;D !

» AAP QB 7-line Graphical Text Screensaver Collection
This is an original screensaver compilation that is well-based on a challenge that I had already started in the QBasicNews.com forums from during September 2004.  And, do not forget to check out my own original 7-line text demos that become increasingly more and more amazingly fascinating as each of my demos progresses.  And, the “Readme” file — while in .PDF Acrobat Reader format — is a truly inspiring and honest read concerning this compilation, too!  You do not want to pass up on this one, BELIEVE ME!!!  ^_-=b !!

There they are, the quality programs that I promise will be some of the finest ones that will richly help you indeed in your FreeBASIC/QuickBASIC/QBasic programming, I must tell you!!  ;)

Also, the work on my *very first* full-fledged QuickBASIC graphics demo entitled “Elegance” is ON HOLD now currently (because of some other current projects that I need to manage on!), and also, I plan soon to begin developing the demo rather in FreeBASIC!  Only time can tell, so who knows?  ^_^  Plus, if are any more new projects that I’m a work on using FreeBASIC and/or QuickBASIC, I WILL LET YOU KNOW ON MY SITE, okay?  God bless you, and thanks so much again!!!  :D !

   From the words of Adigun Azikiwe Polack, the original webmaster of the “AAP Official Projects Squad”.