LAST UPDATE:  April 4, 2006

WELCOME AND MOST SPLENDID GREETINGS TO ALL OF YOU!!!  ^_-=b !  You are now looking at the most advanced 8-bit game library ever known to FreeBASIC, and it is called none other than AFlib2, which stands for Aura Flow Library 2!!

In the very grand tradition of the original QuickBASIC libraries AFlib and RelLib by Richard Eric M. Lope (Relsoft), this all-new incarnation in FreeBASIC delivers home many implementations based on them both, plus some phenomenal ALL-NEW functionality and special effects *never before seen* on either lib right there!!  Just go to the “Features” section right here and you will find out much more on this now!!!

Not even convinced yet?  Then try these following screenshots on for size:

.....and you will clearly see some of what I am talking about, ladies and gentlemen!  ^-^

If you are ready now, then all you gotta do is to go to the “Download” section to experience a full-tilt of AFlib2 in FreeBASIC!!!

Be seeing you, and God bless all of you so deeply as your newest FreeBASIC games and programs will NEVER be the same again.... only this time they are gonna be A LOT HOTTER!!!  (^-^)v !!

   From the words of Adigun Azikiwe Polack, the original developer of “AFlib2 - Aura Flow Library 2”.

     NOTE: this site is best viewed with a *minimum* resolution of 800x600, 16-bit color.