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GOD BLESS YOU ALL AND WELCOME!!!  ^_- !  This original library, entitled The New FreeBASIC 8-Bit Palette Machine, is the rather first *OFFICIAL* FreeBASIC palette library in existence!!  Do feel absolutely free to use this most useful lib for your next BIG game, graphics demo, multimedia project, or what have you in FreeBASIC!!!

Get ready for such an intensified block party with your 256-color palettes because this FB library already has WELL OVER 100 PALETTE MANIPULATION ROUTINES, including:

 Fading Palettes In/Out
(You can even fade to *any* color you want, too!!)

 Palette Rotation

 Switch/fade to Negative Palette and back!

 Switch/fade to Greyscale Palette and back!
(You can even switch/fade to a negative greyscale of your palette as well!!)

 Smooth Crossfading between TWO different palettes!!

 FULL uncompromised support for 768-byte palettes *and* PixelPlus 256 (PP256) palettes, too!!!
(MS-DOS fans and QuickBASIC/QBasic fans everywhere, rejoice!!  (^_-)v ! )

 FULLY 100% COMPATIBLE with Angelo Mottola’s GFXlib 2 for FreeBASIC!!!

So, even if you are a FreeBASIC programmer yourself, please be sure to download this thing and give it a test drive today.  You will surely never be disappointed, I will promise you that!!!  d=^-^=b

   From the words of Adigun Azikiwe Polack, the original creator of “The New Freebasic 8-Bit Palette Machine”.

NOTE: this site is best viewed with a *minimum* resolution of 800x600, 16-bit color.