Welcome to the official site!  So glad you came!!!  ^-^ !


My first own original game, Star Angelic Slugger, is the one that *originally* first began developing in the midst of the V-Planet’s 2002 Gaming Golds Mini-Game Compo.  But then, I eventually decided that I will make it my full-fledged QuickBASIC-made game, and right now, it is currently on hold because on some other projects that I need to do.  :(  BUT, I will eventually get right back on to doing the project again, this time in FreeBASIC!!!  ^_-=b !

In this 2D vertically scrolling shooting game, your character is an angelic young girl, as you fire at the many enemies.  BUT, to break away the familiarity here, she also has a baseball bat with which to score PLENTY of hits on them, and also, to deflect the enemy bullets right back at them to blow away their competition!!  ;D !  And with FreeBASIC already in town and is becoming quite an utterly powerful BASIC programming platform, I am looking forward to making this into one of the most delightful and fun shmups ever in FB, just like I will do on Frantic Journey, the other project I am working on with Relsoft and Eero Pitkänen!!

In the meantime, the download for the final QuickBASIC-based developmental Star Angelic Slugger *VERY* earliest version .000004 is right here (and telling from it, the demo is too short so far, and when the bat is swung, it swings a little bit too fast!  I will make the swings at least *more* balanced for my upcoming version in FB, I PROMISE!).  In the meantime, please enjoy it!!  ^_^ !!

Finally, when I do begin re-programming this game in FB indeed, it will definitely include BETTER translucencies and stuff, and perhaps a more wider vertical graphics resolution, and much, much more!!!  So stay tuned for that, and see you again!  ;-) !

   From the words of Adigun Azikiwe Polack, original developer of his own original game project Star Angelic Slugger.